I am amazed at how many believers when asked the question, “are you right with God?”, get a look of doubt and I see their minds racing for the correct answer. Mostly the answer is, “I think so?”

I want to assure you today that if you ever had a moment where you truly had an encounter with Jesus, surrendered your whole life to Him and invited him to live in you, you are right with God!

How wonderful is that? In fact, I want to ask, is there anything greater than that? Seriously, to be right with God, the God of the universe, the Creator of all that exists?

“How can I know that?”, you might want to ask. This certain reality is not my opinion. It is, in fact, the truth according to God Himself. 

Romans 3:22: “the righteousness of God which comes by believing with personal trust and confident reliance on Jesus Christ (the Messiah). (And it is meant) for all who believe.”

Righteousness means to be right with God. If you gave your life to Jesus Christ,  it is true that you are right with God. At this very moment, you are right with God because of what Jesus Christ had done for you and for me.  He made us right with God because only He could pay the price of freedom from eternal death.

Because Jesus is God and He now resides in you when you invited Him into your life, His right standing with God as His Son and as God himself makes you right with God. This isn’t anything you could have accomplished for yourself by works or deeds or actions. You could not earn this in any way. It is a gift from Jesus to You. 

You are right with God on a good day or a bad day. If you read the bible the whole day or didn’t read at all that day, you are still right with God because Jesus said so.

We love and spend time with God, reading His word, praying and living right not because we have to, we do it because we get to.

Knowing I am right with God is what peace feels like. Thank You, Jesus.