I think it’s time for my butterfly story. It happened like this. One morning, after reading a book on intercessory prayer, I asked God about something I had read in the book.  It referred to a Bear anointing and a Butterfly anointing. 

The Bear anointing, for example, is when God speaks to you about meeting a specific person on a specific day, wearing a specific color top and He gives you a specific message for that person. It is like a word of knowledge. You know something about someone you have never met. It is a very specific instruction. This is intended for that person to experience God’s love and that He is mindful of that person. 

The Butterfly anointing, on the other hand, seems to be very random meetings with people in general throughout the day.  Have you ever watched a butterfly? They seem to have no direction or plan. They merely fly up and down, left and right, forwards and backward all the time. Yet, everywhere they land on a flower, they touch people in a positive way and spread life.

Seeing that God has never spoken to me with a direct instruction like the bear example, I asked God that morning to confirm to me, if in fact, I had the butterfly anointing? “Am I a butterfly or not?”. I wanted to see a butterfly or hear someone say something about a butterfly as a sign that it was how God spoke through me or worked through me. 

The whole day I saw no sign of a butterfly but halfway through the day, I spoke to a new friend. She mentioned that she had had an abortion as a teenager and felt that God had called her to speak to women about pro-life. I proceeded to tell her that I had experienced rejection as a child, been raped at 16, physically and verbally abused by an ex-boyfriend, almost bankrupt, my husband had an affair, another bankrupt scare, a child in serious trouble, so I wanted to know which one do I choose to be my calling?

Her answer stunned me. She said the following words.”Toinette, I think you’re like a butterfly!” Just like that. She used the exact words I asked God to confirm to me where I was a butterfly or not. 

Needless to say, I freaked out with excitement and proceeded to tell her about the conversation that I had with God that morning. We were both surprised and so happy to realize that we both just had had an encounter with Holy Spirit. I told all my friends about the sign and I became God’s Butterfly girl.

A year later to the month, I was at a ladies gathering and a young girl whom I had never met before, came up to me and handed me a piece of paper. She told me that God told her to give me that note. It was folded and as I opened it up, it was a picture of a butterfly with an encouraging word from God. The heading of the note was … you guessed it, “To My Butterly girl”.

How absolutely wonderful was that? I was elated! It is the most thrilling experience in the world to have The true God of the universe speak to you so specifically. I still smile as I share this encouraging testimony of a God that is so in love with His creation that He reveals Himself so tangibly to us.

I encourage you to seek Him and trust Him to speak to you so specifically also. It is highly recommended.