I watched an amazing clip today about a young man who got married but was quickly disillusioned by married life. Somehow, the wonderful woman he married had changed, and wasn’t so loving, kind and wonderful after marriage. He desperately wanted to get out of the marriage, so he decided to go to his father for advice.

He explained the situation to his father and he said that he had just the solution to get rid of his wife. His father gave him some white powder and told him: “take this powder and put a little bit over her food at each meal. This process will take some time but don’t give up. In the meantime, you should be yourself. Show her, and everyone you know, how good you are to her. Be kind and loving. Showing everyone how you are still doing all the loving things you are supposed to do. Buy her flowers, compliment her often, open the door for her and be gentle. Notice her and be kind. “

After a few weeks of doing exactly as his father told him to do, the powder was running out and the young man phoned his father again. “Dad, he said, things are very different and I need your advice again. I am not sure what happened but my wife is so amazing, kind and loving. She changed so much since I started putting the powder in her food. I don’t want to end this anymore.”

His father told him that the powder was just rice powder and completely harmless, but it was his actions toward her that had the changing effect on her. The poison wasn’t in the powder but in him. When he started to change towards his wife she responded positively towards him.

What a good illustration! The way we treat others will be reflected in the way they treat us. What we sew we will reap in one way or another.