Before anything in your life can work, you have to come clean. If you need forgiveness – ask for it. If you need to confess stuff – do it. Don’t let anything you have done keep you in bondage. If the little voice inside keeps nagging on you about stuff – deal with it.  The sooner the better. Do not harden your heart. Nobody wants calluses anywhere on their body! That’s just gross. Wash in the cleansing water of Life.


We all have influences from the environment around us that causes build-up, break out or even stains that stick to us. It becomes visible to others because the body keeps the score. What you carry around inside of you has a way of showing up in your body or your behavior.  Life happens to all of us. You and I cannot escape it. It’s as real as death and taxes.

The Good news is that you can cleanse your soul. You don’t have to stay dirty, messed up and polluted. You can wash with the water of forgiveness and truth. Staying mad and living in un-forgiveness for what someone did to you, keeps you in bondage.

Forgiveness isn’t accepting or excusing their behavior… it’s about letting it go and preventing their behavior from destroying your heart.

The primer keeps the foundation set and fills the cracks with a silicone base. Use it every day. Check that any cracks that might have come up again, are covered.


There is a saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul.

Eye Brows

Brows are a BIG DEAL currently and rightly so. In a cartoon sketch, the type of brow displays the emotion of the character. It is the same with our lives. If we walk around with an angry brow, sad brow or unhappy brow everyone can see it. 

Make an effort to adjust your brow to the mood of happiness. It is easy when you know that you are living selflessly every day of your life. Life is about giving and not getting. 


When we look at people’s eye we can see light or shadows. 

 Anyone can apply base and mascara. It is the application of the eyes that give a person away. 

Some people do not even attempt it. 

Others apply too much or go about blending the wrong way altogether. 

If you want to do it correctly, you need to do some research. Don’t just believe what anyone tells you. Go to the Expert. Read, watch, listen and apply. No good having all the information and not applying it. Practice makes perfect.  Step out and find out. Change is always a good thing. Maturity comes to us all. Stretch yourself a little more every day. Embrace new things, practice and apply it each day.


To underline something is to state it’s importance. It means that I agree with what I see.  It’s like framing a picture. I like what I see in or on my eyes now so I’m going to make it more noticeable by framing it. 


Lengthens and stretches the look of your natural lashes. It makes your lashes look fuller or longer. It creates an illusion actually.  For eg. You can act brave when you maybe don’t feel quite so brave. It speaks of inner strength and maturity.  Sometimes you have to hide how you feel because you need a safe place to let it out. Everyone and everywhere is not a safe person or place. 

In a quiet place, you can express your concerns and face the hard stuff,  and the mascara gets washed off by tears which are the soap of the spirit. When your spirit is hurt or wounded it needs to be washed, cleaned and after healing, mascara can be reapplied.


This is applied after any and all cleaning up of the previous phases (our past) has been done.  Maybe the running of mascara or a shaking hand using the liner unsure of underlining a lie or uncertain about truths has now been cleaned and sorted, making us ready for the actual foundation.  

If the foundation is done prematurely and a mess or mistake comes, it is so much harder to clean up and reapply the base without showing that there was a stain that needed cleaning. 

The foundation sets the stage for the props but the props have to be planned and prepared before the foundation (stage) is finalized. Once it is applied, the whole scene comes together. 


The powder sets the foundation, which means, it stays. The choices made and healing gained has now been taken from a clean canvas to a beautifully painted art piece that needs to be set. It’s like an oil painting that needs to be sealed with a clear sealer in order for it to not smudge, and to stand the test of time.


Applying the bronzer gives your face a tanned look. Many hurting people feel grey and colorless. Spending time in the Son releases dopamine which is a hormone that makes us feel happy.  Adding bronzer to the face gives you a look as if the Son kissed you ever so gently and added the warmth and glow of being touched and fully alive. 


Blush adds flush! To blush is when the nervous system causes blood vessels to open wide, flooding the skin with blood and resulting in the reddening of the face. It is a sign of naivety, honesty, and humility which is beautiful on anyone. It gives a life fully lived, healthy, glowing look. Bronzer and blush work together like the Son and His rays. Uplifting, contouring and guiding the eye of the beholder to see your natural beauty hidden within. 


This is used to get a glowing skin. There are different shades however, silver is the most popular shade.  This is quite amazing as silver is the color of redemption. The high lighter is used on the cheekbones,  bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose and top of the eyebrows. To me, it enhances beautiful attributes, such as too high light kindness, love, joy, peace, and patience. 


If you wear bright lipstick it is said that men will take you more seriously, because they actually look at your lips when you talk, taking in more information (haha). On a more serious note, your speech betrays you and having a beautiful mouth isn’t enough. It is a beautiful heart that is sought after. 

You can change the way your lips appear by different methods of application. Thin lips can appear fuller as you use a lighter shade of lipstick. You can also use lip liner on the outside line of the lips, drawing it a little bit over the natural contour of the lip, making it look fuller. However,  the minute words come out of your mouth you cannot hide what is in your heart. As a person thinks in her heart so is she.


After all these steps it has been followed, the final step is the setting spray.  This is so important because, after all the effort to bring out the best in you, you can now keep it there, by letting it set. Set your mind on things above. Dwell on good things like seeing the beauty in everyone with your new beautiful eyes, speaking words of kindness with your glossy lips, and appear inviting and friendly with your newly shaped brows.  Give love freely, as if you have been set free to be confident in being loved. 

Going through the process of applying your make up (outwardly), you can apply inner beauty processes into your life to beautify you, and keep you beautiful, not allowing the things of this world to contaminate you again, that can make you bitter and unhappy.  You can focus on other things, knowing that everything you needed to look beautiful, has been done and you no longer have to do anything to be good enough. It has all been done. You can now just be who you are. Your inner beauty will reflect on the outside. Live out of the confidence that you don’t need to fiddle with and correct your appearance all the time. It has been done and set. You can out of that freedom now live and move and have your being.