I just love it when God speaks to me. There is nothing on this earth that thrills me more than to I realize that God, the Creator of the universe, actually took the time to speak to me.  Me, who am I that God would make Himself known to me? 

He did it again today. He initiated it. For real. He did. This just wrecks me in a beautiful way. I am in awe and I feel so loved. So precious. I have been pouring my heart out to Him about stuff happening in my life and the next morning he sent me a message from someone random I had no contact with for a long time as a reminder that He hears me, loves me and how He sees me.

It was a message with a picture of a pearl in an oyster. It said that God planted a tiny grain of sand into an oyster to create a beautiful, natural pearl and placed it in a vast ocean to be found like a precious treasure. This is the same God that decided to create you and place you in this world like a precious treasure too. You are a rare and special gift. This is so special but what makes it more amazing is the personal detail of the history we have together, me and God.

My name actually means jewel of Light and many years ago a lady gave me word of a picture she saw from God about my life being like a pearl. I have gone through many, many hard and difficult times and the my life was like the tiny grain of sand irritated by so many trials and hardships in this life to form a beautiful pearl. I immediately knew that it was true as I have always related to a pearl. I love pearls and growing up my mom always called me her pearl. God gave me a second name, the name Pearl. The meaning of the name pearl is ‘priceless jewel’. Tis is profound because if you take the meaning of my names it means priceless jewel of Light.  That is how God sees me. 

I am sure He has a special way of seeing you. I want to challenge you to find out if you don’t already know.  What is the meaning of your name? It is very significant as a name speaks of your purpose and calling. It was chosen by Him to reveal how significant you are to Him. What is that special something that is dear to you? Is it a jewel, an animal, a sound, a colour? It could be anything that is special to you. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you by speaking to you through this specific thing and then open up your senses to pick up on how He will speak to you. 

God longs for fellowship with you. He keeps revealing Himself to us hoping that we would hear and communicate back to Him. This is so special. I strongly encourage you to partake in this beautiful relationship with Jesus.