I recently read a quote that said, “you’re always one decision away from a totally different life.” 

I was struck by the raw truth of that statement. Do we even stop and think about the decisions we make? Dare I even suggest that we not just think, but more importantly, pray about our decisions.

Most decisions we make have little impact on the world around us and I think that is why we don’t even think properly before acting. When we make a bad decision however, we quickly see the consequences it had and then we quickly realize our mistake.  

Some people might say, “come on, I don’t have time to pray about every decision I have to make. I make hundreds each day.”  That is correct. I would like to suggest that you pray each morning asking God to lead you by His Holy Spirit through the rest of the day to help you make good decisions that will bear much good fruit. 

You can then confidently make choices and decisions knowing that you will make the right ones. 

We all live with the consequences of other people’s choices. Let’s look at Adam and Eve. Their disobedience in the garden of Eden caused all of humanity to be cursed, living with sin and wickedness in this world. I am so thankful to Jesus that He died on the cross and became a curse so that we could be forgiven. He paid the ransom for our freedom redeeming us so that we don’t have to live under the curse anymore.

We need to remember that every decision we make can impact not only us but our children and our generations to come. Instead of curses through sin and disobedience we can, by righteousness in Jesus, leave a legacy of blessing for our generations instead of curses.